Work and play together.

Want to build a stronger team? Get out of the office and into the game.

Great teams & sports. A timeless combination.

Jordan & Pippen. Serena & Venus. Gretzky & Messier. If you want your team to perform like champions, you've got to give them the chance.

Company Tournaments

If the talk at the water cooler has been all about hoops, why not lean into it? Let us plan a private tournament so your company can build their own teams, play their favorite sport, and truly connect outside the office.

Company Team in a ZogSports League

Playing together lets your team hang out, high five, and have fun every single week. We take care of everything–jerseys, refs, fields, and finding the perfect happy hour spot–so you can just go out there and play.

Private Games

Whether playing for fun, to energize your company picnic, or to settle the longstanding smack-talk between the sales and product teams, we’ll put on an epic game, just for you.

Who loves fun?

Hundreds of companies play in our ZogSports leagues and tournaments every single season. Get out here and join them!

How it works.

We can't wait for your team to come out and play. So why complicate things? It's very simple.

soccer player planning the game

We help you find the right fit.

Looking to improve the good vibes and high fives around the office? Trying to get active? Or, does the team just LOVE softball? We find the perfect league for what you need.

baseball player with bat and scoreboard

We get you all set up.

You need a partner you can trust with every detail. With help from our sister company, ZogSports, we help hundreds of companies play sports every week. Now it’s your turn.

runner crossing the finish line while confetti falls

We let you win.

Yes, YOU, specifically. The organizer. The unsung office hero. We take the hard work off your plate and make sure the games go smoothly. You enjoy yourself. We got this.

We make it easy for you to play whatever you want, whenever you want. Isn't that amazing?

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