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Building a fun company culture is more than just a game.

You know what really helps build a team? Being on one.

Every single year, this financial services & trading partner holds a dodgeball tournament and a soccer tournament that bring out the team spirit across the company. And every single year, it’s a complete and total success.

Make it easy. Make it fun. Make it unforgettable.

More than anything, our clients want us to put on an undeniably fun activity to bring their team together outside the office. So we make sure our tournaments are:

  • Easy for them to organize internally
  • Appropriate for all skill levels
  • Focused on fun, team spirit, and good-natured competition

See how we bring the fun to our clients' annual tournaments.

There’s always a next level.

Each year, we try to kick up the level of fun at the tournaments to a new level. So what started with just some simple games of dodgeball has really evolved into a highlight of the year.

Smells like team spirit.

In addition to customized t-shirts, we encourage players (who need no encouragement, frankly) to up their swag game with headbands, team signs, and noisemakers to add to the overall energy and excitement of the tournaments.

A toast to the host with the most.

In 2018, we added an emcee to host the tournament, ensure a smooth transition from game to game, and act as hype man for the already very hyped competition. Awarding a trophy has never been more fun.

A tradition like no other.

These tournaments have become such a mainstay of the firm’s culture that employees come in from around the world for the annual competition. Play has become an integral part of the employee experience—it’s something that the team talks about all year long.

"Working with their team is always simple, seamless, and successful. After each of our Zog events, the water-cooler buzz around the office is through the roof. We always have a ton of laughs and burn off steam with Zog by our side."

Event Coordinator Leading Financial Services & Trading Partner

Keep it simple: play hard.

If you want to build a playful culture where your employees really connect with each other, cheer for each other, and support each other, it doesn’t have to be complicated. We know how to embrace good-natured competition to bring out the best in everyone.

Want to kick up the fun? Get in the game.

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