Compete for gold in ZogCulture's ZOGlympics. Teams go head-to-head with rival nations in a series of games, each time facing a new challenger.

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Compete for gold in ZogCulture’s Zoglympics. In this 75-minute virtual competition, teams go head-to-head with rival “nations” in a series of games, each time facing a new challenger. Whether competing in a brainy-game of categories or bridging the digital divide tossing an M&M into a cup, things are about to get silly competitive. Complete with a Parade of Nations, torch lighting ceremony and the awarding of bronze, silver and (of course) gold medals; your colleagues aren’t going to want to miss this.

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High Five

Number of Participants

3-5 ppl/team
< 60 participants = 6 teams / 4 games
> 60 participants = 12 teams / 4 games
*Recommended ideal group size = 60 or less

Happy with Technology

Event Duration

75 Minutes



Up to 100 people: $2,000
*Semi-Custom: $2,500

1. Standard Prompts: Right Price, Fast Find, You're on Mute, and Mumble Jumble. 2. Semi-Custom: Select four mini games from our Zoglympics Mini-Game Database.

"ZogCulture was actually a referral and I'm so happy it was. Everything was amazing and so easy to book. The response time was super fast and everyone was so friendly. Our team loved the event so much and everyone kept talking about it even after the event was over. I'm sure we will be using your services very soon and I highly recommend!"

HR - Recruiting & People Coordinator, Fluxx

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