Ultimate Feud

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Survey Says...!

Prepare for an epic showdown and loads of laughs with Ultimate Feud! This thrilling event puts a unique twist on the classic game show, as teams go head-to-head to see who can earn the most points by guessing survey results to a variety of questions from silly to sillier. For an extra special twist, opt into our custom game and survey your own team!

(Available for Virtual & Field Day Audiences.)

Here's the Scoop

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High Five

Number of Participants

3-5 ppl/team
6-10 ppl/breakout room
250 participants max
(50 rooms)

Happy with Technology

Event Duration

75 Minutes



Up to 100 people: $2,000
*Semi-Custom: $2,500
*Fully Custom: $3,000

Customize Your Game

1. Standard Survey Results

2. Semi-Custom Survey Results
5 custom survey questions

3. Fully Custom Survey Results
Create your own fully customized game!

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