Virtual Trivia

During 3 rounds and 60 minutes of trivia, teams will virtually compete for universal bragging rights.

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Calling all who have mastered the art of random facts and knowledge! Compete in 3 rounds of Trivia with ZogCulture. It’s about to get silly competitive.

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Number of Participants

4-10 ppl/team
350 participants max (50 rooms)

Happy with Technology

Event Duration

60 Minutes



Up to 100 people: $2,000
*Semi-Custom: $2,500
*Fully Custom: $3,000

1. Standard Prompts: 3 Rounds including General Knowledge, Academy Award Winner For Best Picture, Word Play - Homonyms 2. Semi-Custom: Select three rounds from ZogCulture's Trivia Round Database. 3. Fully Custom: Create your own Trivia Round themes and ZogCulture can create the questions. And/or create your own theme and questions for ZogCulture to build into our game platform.

"The ZogCulture MC and staff deserve a high-5; it wouldn't have been the same without their contagious excitement!"

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