Great Scott!

Travel through the decades with ZogCulture!

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Who's ready to time travel?

Hop in the Delorean and get ready to go from 0 to 88 miles per hour in ZogCulture’s newest offering, Great Scott! Your team will travel through the decades while helping Marty and Doc stop Biff from wreaking havoc on the space-time continuum and the history of pop culture. Put your knowledge of your favorite decades to the test! Solve puzzles, crack codes, and submit videos and photos to help your team track down Biff before things get out of control and pop culture, as you know it, is lost forever.

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High Five

Number of Participants

4-10 ppl/team
350 participants max
(50 rooms)

Happy with Technology

Event Duration

75 Minutes



Up to 100 people: $2,000
*Semi-Custom: $2,500

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1. Standard Questions

2. Semi-Custom Questions
5 custom questions provided by client

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