March Featured Events

Women's History Month, Employee Appreciation Week, and more!

Women's History Month Events

When you book one of our Women’s History Month events, ZogCulture will donate a percent of the proceeds to global nonprofit, Catalyst, an organization committed to building workplaces that work for women.

Women's History Month Trivia

Celebrate the women at your company through our fun and fast-paced Trivia game! Over three rounds, participants will answer questions highlighting some of the most influential women throughout history and their accomplishments.

(Available for in-person and virtual audiences)

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Women in the Workplace: A Networking Event

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve added an event for the ladies and all who champion them! Through carefully crafted prompts and engaging activities, all participants will leave with a newfound appreciation of their female coworkers and learn from their experiences in a professional and fun setting!

(Available for in-person and virtual audiences)

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Employee Appreciation Day Events

Office Hunt – Celebrate your team by giving them a reason to turn their automatic replies on for a full hour of fun! ZogCulture’s Office Hunt is a great way to connect with your coworkers with clever connection prompts, photo and video challenges, and office-based riddles like “I do not get put on a bed, even though I am a sheet. Instead put me in a binder to keep your desk nice and neat.” Discover your office in a whole new way with your team and slide your way to victory!

(Available for in-person audiences)

Speed Networking – ZogCulture’s Speed Networking event is designed as a way for coworkers to get to know each other personally in a professional setting. But just because we are professional, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Through carefully crafted prompts and engaging activities, participants will gain a newfound appreciation of their coworkers and are guaranteed to have a few laughs along the way!

(Available for in-person and virtual audiences)

Casino Night – Casino Night is the perfect way to bring your colleagues together for a fun filled event designed to experience the excitement of playing in a real casino! This event features table games, slot machines, and professional dealers! Toward the end of the event, players’ ZogDollars are added up and prizes are awarded either to the highest earner!

(Available for in-person audiences)

Wellness Activities – All office workers could use a break from the stress of their daily grind. Whether you’re looking for a one-day wellness retreat, a mid-day yoga class, or to set up in-office massage stations for the afternoon with licensed massage therapists, ZogCulture will help you organize a soothing and relaxing experience for your employees.

(Wellness opportunities available for in-person and virtual audiences)

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