Build team connections while working remotely

Activities to keep your company culture strong, even while working from home

We'll get through this together.

With your team working from home during such an uncertain time, it’s even more important to make sure they’re feeling connected and engaged.

Connection Activities for Companies Working Remotely

Our remote working offerings can help bring your team together, even when they're working from home.

Virtual social activities

Let us organize digital happy hours, playful activities, and connection games to help your team feel engaged and connected.

Digital Team-Building Games

Solve a “whodunnit” or play Jeopardy with these downloadable, interactive, team-based games that ensure your employees build connections, enjoy healthy competition, AND have a blast.

Virtual Wellness Sessions

Keep your employees feeling cared for and refreshed by offering our video-led meditation and yoga classes, or virtual workshops like Nutrition to Optimize Your Immune System, Ergonomics 101: How to Work From Home Comfortably, and Destigmatizing Mental Health.

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