52 Connections FAQs

Build stronger connections with your coworkers as you play our signature speed networking game! Here's everything you need to know.

Let’s Get Into It.

Participants will engage in three rounds of small group networking and three rounds of group connection activities. Each round of speed networking will connect a new group of three to five colleagues in a breakout room over two prompts they can choose to respond to. After small group conversations, the entire group will return to the main room to respond to polls giving them a better sense of all of the group at large.

Come as you are! We don't need anything from you.
Please select 6 prompts and 12 polls from either the “Getting to Know You” or “Belonging Deck"
The Getting to Know You deck is recommended for groups of participants who are getting to know each other.
The Belonging deck is recommended for groups of participants who know each other and want to deepen their connections.
Please provide polls and prompts created by your team.

See "What do I need to provide?"

0:00-0:05 Entrance Participants are welcomed into the Zoom by their MC.
0:05-0:10 Welcome MC introduces event structure and shares prompt PDF for easy participant access.
0:10-0:20 Round 1! All groups are automatically sent to their breakout rooms for Round 1 to connect over one or both of their Round 1 prompts.
0:20-0:25 Main Room Debrief & Polls
0:25-0:35 Round 2!
0:35-0:40 Main Room Debrief & Polls
Optional Activity: "A Moment of Pride” The MC will invite attends to share something they are proud of (diploma, keeping a plant alive for 6 weeks, a child, a dog). We will then take a group photo!
0:40-0:50 Round 3!
0:50-0:55 Main Room Debrief & Polls
Optional Activity: “UnCommon in Common” The MC will lead everyone in a game that shows how much we have in common! Everyone will turn off their cameras and the MC will call out things people might have in common. (ex, “Who grew up in the South West? Turn on your camera!” “We love strong parents! Who grew up living in a single parent home? Turn your camera on!”)
0:55-1:00 Event Wrap Up MC will wrap up the event and open the room for casual chatting and connecting.

We ask that participants start to enter the meeting up to 5 minutes prior to the game so we can start promptly at the official event start time. We allow for 3-5 minutes up front for participants to make their way in. We will start the Welcome Session once about 75% of participants arrive or we are 5 minutes into official game time.

There are no teams. The ZogCulture crew will put attendees in different randomized breakout rooms for each round. In every round, folks will connect with a new set of people!

We would love for you to play with your group, but if you would prefer to observe instead you are more than welcome to. If this is the case, please let us know in advance through your game form. On game day, please “rename” yourself on Zoom with “NP_Name” to indicate that you are “not playing.”

During your event your ZogCulture Event Staff will consist of:
-Virtual Emcee - your host! In charge of leading the participants through the event and experience. You can reach out to them during the event if you need something in the moment.
-Tech Lead - managing the Zoom technology (breakout rooms, technical issues, etc.)
-Support Staff - helping individual participants with any issues and providing the fun!

The ZogCulture team will provide your Zoom link!

You will receive a Zoom link from your Account Manager in their first welcome email as you get started planning the event.

Please make sure participants log into the meeting using the link that we send you. This should be distributed to all participants. Please advise participants to login using ONLY one device for both video and audio (preferably just a computer for audio and video).

Your dedicated Account Manager! If anything comes up the day of your event, please connect with your Account Manager via phone or email. If something were to occur during your event, please reach out to your MC that is leading the event via the Zoom chat.

One week prior to your event. If you have changes in the week leading up to the event, please let your account manager know as soon as possible.

Let's play 52 Connections!

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