Case Study

No excuses. Play like a champion.

Let’s get moving.

Updater uses technology to help millions of Americans move every year. But when they wanted to get their own team up and moving, they came to us. I think they call that synergy.

Play your heart out.

We ran an indoor field day for Updater where the forecast was air conditioned with a 0% chance of rain. The good news is that you don’t ever have to compromise on fun or a meaningful day outside the office.

Updater’s custom indoor field day:

  • Included everyone, leveraging a mix of physical, team, and mental challenges
  • Encouraged tons of team spirit
  • Focused on creating real connections across teams

They came, they played, they conquered.

We helped make Updater's field day the best day of the year.

Mix it up.

To make sure that everybody had a chance to shine, we brought out a mix of traditional field day challenges like tug-of-war, as well as some new favorites like pictionary, a blindfolded obstacle course, and a bucket challenge.


Weather can sometimes be fickle, but luckily, this ain’t our first rodeo. We pulled off an indoor field day without missing a beat. From adaptable events to a back-up location, we planned for everything.

Turn it all the way up.

The volume. The spirit. The cheers. The music. Updater’s teams got louder and prouder as the day went on, adding even more fun to what we had planned. Because when the conditions are right, magic just happens.

Keep the FUN going.

After a full day of field day, Updater’s people still wanted to play. Who are we to object? We rolled the whole crew out to happy hour, where we let the good vibes and high fives continue.

"ZogCulture did an incredible job helping us organize our field day activity for our off-site. It was absolutely spectacular to see the company bonding, connecting on a higher level, and cheering on one another. Such a win for everyone!"

Ashley Lunsford People Experience Manager

We all shine on.

When you work with us, a little rain can’t stop the fun. Updater’s indoor field day was a smashing success that went off without a hitch or hindrance. How fun is that?

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