Case Study

File an appeal to your summer associates. No suits required.

Let them play.

Ropes & Gray wanted more than just another happy hour. They wanted a fun, interactive event to help their summer associates to build fun and meaningful relationships with each other and with full-time attorneys.

This time it's personal.

We worked with Ropes & Gray to ensure that their summer field day helped them connect on a deeper level—not just as colleagues, but as people.

The result was a field day that:

  • Brought together summer associates, their mentors, and other attorneys for an afternoon of fun activities
  • Acclimated summer associates to the culture at Ropes & Gray
  • Developed real personal relationships and trust

See how we made the Ropes & Gray field day the most memorable day of the year.

It’s amazing what can happen when you combine teamwork, customized games, and healthy competition.

Teams that maze together stays together.

Taking a little poetic license on the intro, if you don’t mind. Because teams really learn to communicate when they’re trying to get their buddy through an obstacle course, while blindfolded.

Level the playing field.

Nothing makes summer associates feel like part of the team quite like seeing their boss leaping on a hippy-hop ball. When you’re out here playing, you’re just like anyone else.

Something for everybody.

In addition to fun, physical events, we also included some hand-picked mental and craft challenges like customized word searches and creating your own flag.

Pep rally for the win.

Even before the event, we sent our rally team to Ropes & Gray to get them excited. With games like a “Get to know your captain challenge” and Mad Libs, we added more fun AND set the stage for what to expect.

Summertime magic.

Ropes & Gray loved how well their team gelled after just one day of play. Because while happy hour is nice, occasionally, it’s not the only way to have fun with your staff. A field day was a refreshing reminder that to create meaningful relationships that last the whole summer, sometimes you just have to get out there and PLAY.

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