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Because nobody ever gets sick of high fives.

Just add play.

AppNexus is a textbook case of a company that has been more successful after making play a central part of their company culture. Whenever they want to bring people together and make purposeful connections, we partner with them to make it EXTRA fun.

Put the people first.

We work with AppNexus all year long to deliver fun cultural programming to help them celebrate and connect as more than just coworkers—as people.

But the highlight is a field day that:

  • Recognizes employees and their awesome, supportive families
  • Gets their employees outside for a full day of fun
  • Celebrates the diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and talents of all AppNexians

See how we make the AppNexus field day the most memorable day of the year.

Through competition and wildly exciting games, AppNexus was able to connect and celebrate each other.

Up for the challenge.

The AppNexus field day is a sight to behold. We put together amazing team challenges—everything from pie eating contests to dodgeball to relay races to mental puzzles—to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Who’s down for a little pick up?

But we also allow for plenty of open play. We know people are passionate about their favorite sports, so we make it easy for them to rally together a pick up game of soccer, volleyball, or softball.

Let’s hear it for spirit.

Not only do we have plenty of team challenges, but there’s also a spirit competition, to reward the team that is the most excited, encouraging, and enthusiastic about their squad. This takes the whole day to the next level.

Just hold on. There's more where that came from.

AppNexus knows the power of play. So while field day may be the marquee event, the fun doesn’t stop there. They incorporate fun and play into events all year-round.

“Zog has been an integral part of AppNexus events for several years now. Communication with them is always quick, clear, and easy, they listen carefully and deliver exactly what we’re looking for to build connections between AppNexians, and make the entire working process a pleasure while they’re at it. If Zog is involved, we know we’re in for a fun, easy, and overall successful event!”

Margaret Ellen Christensen Culture, Engagement, Events, and Wellness Manager AppNexus

Let’s do this again soon.

Ultimately, AppNexus know that nurturing a playful company culture is about more than just a single event. So we’ve worked with them year-round to help run their culture programming. From in-office activations to charity challenges to holiday parties, we’ve become their go-to partner.

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